Get Paid By Telling the Truth

When you’re in a jam and in need of an attorney, you might be wondering whether you should tell them the whole story. If you’re guilty, you might be worried that telling the truth might hurt you more than it will help you. After all, how can your name be cleared, and how can you win your case if you openly admit guilt? But don’t fear; by telling your lawyer everything and being as truthful as possible, you are setting yourself up for success and giving yourself and your lawyer a much better chance of winning your case. The most important thing to keep in mind is ALWAYS to tell your lawyer the truth… the WHOLE TRUTH, and nothing but the truth!

It’s important to be completely open and honest with your lawyer, so they aren’t blindsided by evidence you didn’t tell them about.

The attorney-client relationship is built on trust. Don’t add unnecessary components of distrust, suspicion, and skepticism to the mix. If you want to win your case, you need to be upfront from the start.

"Attorney Kelly handled the claim for my car accident. She was always professional and listened to my concerns. She followed up with me to update me on the status of my claim. She went to the table as many times as I requested to negotiate the best deal for me. I highly recommend her and would definitely use her services again!"

There are many reasons why people lie,
and the two most common are:

The liar believes they have more to gain from lying than telling the truth.

The liar believes that the lie may benefit themselves or their lawyer somehow.

Remember that a complete deception or omission of an important fact can mean the difference between freedom and a conviction.

Whether you fear punishment or the judgment of others, it’s essential to know that your lawyer is not going to judge you, and you must tell the truth to the best of your ability if you want a chance at winning your case. Lawyers are Advocates, not Judges.

If you lack trust in your lawyer and/or in the criminal justice system as a whole, you may be tempted to lie or withhold information. It is a mistake to believe that your lawyer won’t fight as hard for you if you admit guilt. This is simply not true! 

The reality of the lawyer-client relationship is that your lawyer is the last person who would ever judge you. Their very existence is dedicated to the exact opposite. They strive to make things better and can only do that for you if you are completely honest with them. 

Lawyers like to win just as much (or more) as their clients do. A lawyer will rarely take a case that they think they will lose. So, regardless of what you assume your lawyer will think of you, they must have all the information necessary to ensure your best interests are served during the proceedings. Without complete information about the situation, no lawyer can be effective in their work.

It makes no sense to lie to the person who holds the fate of your case’s outcome in their hands, and as your lawyer, we at C.Kelly Law, LLC. are committed to reaching the best result possible for our clients. A “win” in the criminal justice system is dependent on the facts and evidence of the given case, but to effectively develop a plan or strategy, we must know all of the facts,… the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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