How Can I Get My Medical Bills Paid Before My Case is Settled?

Let’s set the scene. You’ve been in an accident that has resulted in enough bodily injury that now requires you to seek treatment and attend physical therapy. Weeks and now more than a month has gone by and your medical bills are beginning to pile up. Most people assume that after situations like this immediate next steps include the case being settled and the injured being compensated. The reality is the process is simply not that simple. However, even without a settlement being reached, you can still get your medical bills paid! Let me explain how.

What do you normally utilize to assist with you handling medical bills?

Health insurance! In this case, your health insurance can be your initial way of getting your medical bills paid. When you have appointments related to the accident, it is very important that you provide your insurance information so you can still receive care and can avoid out-of-pocket costs.

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Another insurance resource you can utilize if you incurred your injuries due to a car accident is your car insurance. If your car insurance includes medical payments coverage, you can have your medical bills covered this way. The key to using this as a payment option is reading through your policy to learn what your medical payments coverage limits are. If this is not a part of your coverage, unfortunately, you can not add this to your policy because of your injuries and benefit from the coverage limit.

Payment plans are another useful tool to help pay your medical bills. This can look like you negotiating with the hospital or even speaking with your insurance company. The benefit of you going this route is that you aren’t responsible for paying the sum of your care at one time and you’re able to better plan financially how you can continue receiving care.

In the event that you don’t have health insurance, your next best option is to sign an authorization and assignment with your medical provider. An authorization and assignment is a written contract between you, your attorney, and your medical provider. It states that once your case is settled, you’ll pay your medical bills. One of the important things to note about this arrangement is that before receiving your settlement, you will be required to pay your medical provider first.

Still not sure how your medical bills can be paid before settlement? Let us explore your options and alleviate your worries so you can focus on getting the care you need!

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