How Can Your Friends and Family Help Your Georgia Car Accident Case?

With each Georgia car accident case, our goal is to present the most convincing, compelling and accurate picture of the full impact of your injuries to the insurance company from the very start. To successfully do that, sometimes we need input from your close friends, family and co-workers. Your loved ones and others can help by providing information and statements to support your claim.

Having a friend or family member explain in his or her own words how they personally observed the impact that the at-fault party’s conduct has caused in your life can add value to your auto accident claim and help to present a thorough claim to an insurance company.

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Your friends and family may provide information about the following:

  1. Your physical limitations, including challenges and inability to do everyday activities like housework, schoolwork, playing with children, cooking, working out, sexual activity, etc.: Very frequently, people injured in accidents display symptoms that they are not able to put into words. Sometimes, it takes the assistance of your loved ones to fully explain what they observed with regard to the things that you cannot do without pain, or at all since you were injured. For example, if you are unable to perform activities with your children and those activities are now left to your spouse, he or she would be a great person to explain how they watched you suffer through pain and now your family’s day-to-day routine has changed.
  2. Changes in your mood and emotions: Car accidents commonly lead to emotional issues and changes in mood. Having another person explain that outward signs that you displayed resulting from your mood and emotional condition is invaluable. Specifically, our loved ones have a unique perspective and they can shed light on how often you were sad, angry, tearful, etc. after you were injured in an accident.
  3. Changes in your physical appearance (e.g.: weight gain): Physical injuries after a car accident can lead to certain physical limitations, which may impact a person’s physical appearance. Lack of exercise and limited physical activity can lead to weight gain. Additionally, pain and medication can lead to loss of appetite, which can lead to weight loss. Moreover, if an injured person cannot reach over his/her head, they may not be able to maintain their hair, facial shaving, skincare regimen, etc. Your friends, family and co-workers have front-row seat to your recovery journey. Naturally, they will be able to provide their first-hand observations of any visible changes in your physical appearance that are the result of injuries sustained in your Georgia car accident.

If you have any friends, family members, and/or co-workers that can provide information to help improve your personal injury case, you should share them with your Georgia personal injury attorney as early as possible in the case. As the list grows, update your lawyer so there will be no delay later in the process of your personal injury claim. Be sure to provide their full legal name(s), telephone number(s), the type of information each person can provide, and the nature of your relationship with each person.

If you would like to speak to an experienced Georgia car accident attorney about how to increase the value of your personal injury insurance claim, submit your case for a no-cost insurance claim strategy session!

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