How Dangerous Were the 2019 Holidays for Georgia Roads?

When we think of the end-of-year holiday season, thoughts of family, celebration, shopping, and even perhaps, food, often come to mind. However, the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is also associated with a significant increase in traffic and car accidents in Georgia, and across the United States. In Georgia, the 2019 end-of-year holidays were yet another high season for auto incidents and traffic incidents.

Before the season kicked off in 2019, AAA reported that more Americans were planning to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday than any year since 2005.

In December, 2019, AAA also predicted that 115.6 million Americans planned to travel for the Christmas and New Year holiday travel periods – more than any year on record since AAA began keep tracking in 2000. Of those 115.6 million Christmas and New Year travelers, 104.8 reported they would travel by car.

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Georgia State Patrol (GSP) and Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) made preparations in light of the predicted heavy holiday traffic, such as providing additional, more visible, patrol on interstates and secondary roads. Still, those preparations did not prevent an increase in traffic violations, traffic crashes, and traffic fatalities on Georgia roads compared to the rest of the year. The Georgia Department of Public Safety reported the following numbers regarding traffic incidents that occurred during the 2019 Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Holiday periods:

  • Car Accidents Investigated by Georgia State Patrol: 763
  • Car Accidents with Fatal Injuries: 26
  • GSP, MCCD, and Capital Police Citations Issued: 17,068

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